Quinoa salad and fresh watermelon make a perfect light meal.

5 Day Package

Introducing “The Human Diet”.

In order for we humans to reach our optimal state of health we need to meet certain minimum requirements. As an absolute minimum, the most basic of these requirements are presented in this Package.  Not only do we present the minimum requirements in this Package, we explain the science underpinning these requirements, we put into practice these requirements in a controlled and pristine environment in order to gain a complete understanding and then we prepare our retreat participants to continue their journey to Optimal Health at home.

Mother Nature and planet Earth provides everything we need in great abundance to meet these minimum requirements so all we have to do is use them the way nature intended, the way our bodies were designed, in harmony with nature and we all win!

The minimum requirements addressed in the 5 Day Package that we need to put into daily practice are:

 >> Breathe fresh air
 >> Drink pure “live” water
 >> Move in keeping with our capabilities, and the one we most abuse…..
 >> Eat the foods that nature intended for us.

In this Package all of this is addressed in a loving and fun environment. Your journey begins with us and we see ourselves as mentors with a great responsibility to guide you to a successful outcome.

We do not pretend that participants will magically reach Optimal Health in 5 days, but what we can say with great assurity is that all participants will leave our 5 day Retreat with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about how they treat their bodies and live their lives in the future.

On leaving our retreat participants will no longer feel confused about the way their bodies are designed and how their bodies are to be treated in order to move towards Optimal Health. “The Human Diet” is the only diet designed by nature for humans to live in harmony with nature.

By understanding the human diet, by implementing and living the human diet you and the planet will slowly but surely heal and move toward – Optimal Health.

The Daily Program comprises:

> 3 meals of plant based foods that meet all dietary requirements
> Drinks and snacks
> Day Spa treatments included in package pricing – 6 in total over the 5 days
> A mix of fun outdoor activities suitable for all levels of fitness – gentle walks, Disc Golf, Barefoot bowls, Outdoor Mineral pool and an early morning exercise program utilising the gentle “Slow Burn Weights program”
> Food and menu preparation, shopping guides
> Nightly educational sessions providing the knowledge required for sound, future decision making.


Also Note: 

> Wednesday morning after breakfast we take a trip to the famous Eumundi Markets for a unique shopping experience plus lunch.
Floatation Pool – 1 Hour of complete relaxation
Equivalent to 4 hours of deep sleep.

Package Pricing

5 Day Eco Health Retreat-

Along with your accommodation of choice, all 15 plant based meals and snacks, 5 X information sessions, body pampering (4 massages of choice, 1 X 30min Sauna and 1 X 60mins Float) and exciting outdoor activities are all included in prices.


Accommodation Options-

A: Ground floor Studio Apartments with Queen bed, single sofa bed and private bathroom, can sleep 3

B: 1st floor 1 bedroom Apartments with King bed, double sofa bed private bathroom and view, can sleep 4

C: Romantic and luxurious Rain Forest Spa Cottages with King bed, Bio-fuel fire, private deck, can sleep 2.


Depending on *Accommodation style selected:

5 Day Twin share prices from A: $1800 to B: $1875 to C: $2150 pp

5 Day Single price from A: $2150 to B: $2300 to C: $2900.​

Additional participants in ground floor or 1st Floor Apartments $1400pp.


Booking Procedure:
If you have any queries or reservations about attending this Retreat, please resolve these before booking by contacting Philip on
0414 623 447 with any questions, reservations or doubts.

Once we receive your reservation, we deduct $500 deposit.
The balance is due 5 days prior to start date.
Please note: Deposit will be refunded in full if and when we re-book your place(s) on chosen date.

Please note our disclaimer:
The only person or persons not suitable for this experience are those unable to make their way to and from their chosen accommodation to the various facilities for meals, education sessions and Day Spa activities.

This property is not wheel chair friendly, but for those who can navigate a couple of steps and sloping ground should be able to cope.

The ground floor Apartments provide the easiest access to all of our facilities.We do not give medical advice so if you are unsure as to your ability to cope with the 5 Day Package outlined on this site, please consult your medical adviser.

We will not prescribe, manage or supply any pharmaceuticals or supplements and we will not advise you to cease taking anything that may have been prescribed for you to take.

We offer no Guarantees or Warranties apart from a commitment to provide as much or as little ongoing phone and email support as you may require on completing the Retreat.

Please Note: If you have a group of interested participants– up to 10 – we can put aside a specific date just for you.
Please contact Philip on 0414 623 447 to discuss options and pricing.

Package Program

Sunday afternoon

4.00pm: Welcome and Overview, including introductions.

6.00pm: Evening meal

7.30pm – 9.30 close: Retreat Introduction and Objectives for the 5 days.

Daily program for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and to 2.00pm close Friday:

Morning Sessions:

7.30am: Gentle pre breakfast exercise, Yoga session, or short walk, followed by breakfast.

9.00am – 12 noon: Choose from the following activities:

> Outdoor group activities: Disc Golf, Lawn Bowls, Water aerobics – breathe the pristine air, enjoy some sunshine and move in a way  you can manage and enjoy.

> The art of menu design, luncheon preparation

> included Day Spa session

12.00 noon – 1pm: Free time to relax or join lunch preparations in kitchen or add another Day Spa option (extra).

Afternoon Sessions:

1.00pm – 2pm: Plant based luncheon using fresh organic and local produce where possible.

2.00pm – 3.00pm: Free time to relax or add a Day Spa option.

3.00pm – 6.00pm:  Choose from the following activities:

> Outdoor group activities: Disc Golf, Lawn Bowls, Water aerobics – breathe the pristine air, enjoy some sunshine and move in a way you can manage and enjoy.

> The art of shopping to preserve the planet.

> Evening meal preparation

> included Day Spa session

6.00pm: Evening meal, again plant based using fresh organic local produce where possible. You will marvel at the flavours, the simplicity of design, preparation and presentation. You will also marvel at the ease of digestion, the feeling of satisfaction and the complete lack of ill effects. **

Evening Session:

7.30pm – 9.00pm: Educational Session (See 5 Sessions to be covered for the week)

** For most participants, the 5 days spent with us will be in the most part a detox event and as such may present some challenges. These challenges are not unexpected and will be explained on the Sunday evening. With this prior knowledge these challenges will & be dealt with successfully.

The Australian Health Retreat is located at the
166 Balmoral Rd, Montville, Qld, 4560.