A heavier meal.
Mango, apple and spinach smoothie followed by pan fried gnocchi on tomato and basil salsa and leafy green salad.

The first 4 sessions will outline in detail what we call “The Human Diet”.

You will learn how the human body deals with food – from the moment you see and smell the food, to the digestive, assimilation and elimination processes. The consequences of straying away from this diet that was designed by Mother Nature in conjunction with our planet for you in order to attain and maintain Pristine Health will become obvious.

Unlocking the many secrets that have been kept from you by all those influences that produce, advertise, market and sell foods, drinks, supplements and pharmaceuticals will be keys to navigating your roadmap to Optimal Health!

Session 1: Sunday Evening – Basic rules for eating and drinking.

For most participants this will be a major game changer. These basic rules alone will lead to significant benefits in the areas of digestion, assimilation and elimination as well as providing welcome benefits in the areas of indigestion, heartburn, dyspepsia, bloating, poor sleep, bad breathe, excess weight and levels of available energy!

Session 2: Monday Evening – Proper Food Combining.

An extension of the basic rules for eating where you learn that not only what you are eating is important but the way in which you eat it, the time at which you eat it and what you eat with it plays a significant role in achieving your health goals.

Session 3: Tuesday Evening – Drinking “Live Water”

Again this is an extension of the basic rules for drinking. You will be amazed to learn that most of what you have been taught about drinking is not only false, but also is the cause of many uncomfortable side effects and longer term health problems. Addressing these falsities is simple and the health benefits are immediate!

Session 4: Wednesday Evening – The value of Raw food as opposed to cooked food.

A Raw food revolution has been gathering momentum across the planet for many years – what is it, why is it and what are the health ramifications for both you and our planet? After this session you will appreciate the differences between raw and cooked foods and the effects of each on your body. On completing this session you will be better equipped to make decisions regarding the introduction of more raw foods to your daily eating regime.

Session 5: Thursday Evening – The Health Spectrum defined.

The importance of this session is the understanding it brings to the real meaning of health. The broad spectrum of health starting at the very poorest levels to that point which all of our goals should be heading – Optimal Health – will be defined.
This session will enable you to assess the point at which you currently sit on the ‘Health Spectrum’ – your starting point at which your journey to Optimal Health begins here in Montville.

The Australian Health Retreat is located at the
166 Balmoral Rd, Montville, Qld, 4560.